Q1 2023

Awareness: Action-Oriented Economic Re-Education that Prioritizes the Black Experience


On June 5th, we will deliver our seventh Consultrepreneurship program session, where Black college students from around the world will go through 10 weeks of Black-centered world economics, business ownership, wealth building and philanthropic theoretical and practical training. As our flagship program, the Consultrepreneurship comprehensively fulfills our mission of “Re-empowering the global Black community through historically centered re-education that empowers aspiring Black visionaries to develop their world differently.

This year’s applicant pool has been competitive, with over 100 applicants and only two selected participants thus far. As we near the end of the selection process, we ask our network to help us connect with ideal candidates who display an exceptional level of interest in the causes and impact of longstanding Black developmental issues and a deep desire to solve them through personal, generational and communal wealth building.

Consultrepreneurship Application (Wednesday, May 3, 2023, is the last day to apply)

Get a glimpse of our action-oriented economic re-education that prioritizes the Black experience by viewing a clip from last year’s Consultrepreneurship orientation seminar, “Enslaved African Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs.”

Advancement: Activated & Hungry to Effect Change


In 2020, we launched a pilot of our Alternative Career Services Coaching program, where we provided a wide range of coaching services to Black college students and recent graduates who sought different types of support as they anticipated or adjusted to the challenges they faced post-college. We quickly found that the majority of our beneficiaries sought business expansion and financial planning support. 

Taking the pilot results into consideration and the need to evolve the program to fully fulfill our mission, we narrowed the focus to center around building beneficiaries’ entrepreneurial and financial literacy, historical consciousness and philanthropic mindset. Given the one-on-one nature of the program, we decided to target aspiring Black visionaries who are also influencers who are well-positioned to become visionary leaders who push the limits and have the potential to change the world as we know it. 

We look forward to commencing our first program session with an impressive “influencerpreneur” whose budding career has the potential to grow into an empire that leverages its returns to further empower Black people to break barriers and push longstanding limits. During the 12-week program, they will watch our two-hour masterclass, read our Understanding How to Build Black Generational Wealth book, participate in our pre-recorded Developing & Launching a Fruitful Business workshop, formalize their entrepreneurial endeavor through a business concept using our Community-Minded Business Concept Guidelines, develop a three-year financial plan that prioritizes generational wealth and charitable giving, participate in a communal wealth building practicum that requires them to develop and execute a plan to support DIFFvelopment’s growth by introducing our work to their corporate, social media, and influencer networks, and more. 

Check Out the ACSC Overview Here

Transformation: Developing Their World DIFFerently

Listen to 2021 Consultrepreneur, Bemboli Mozagba talk about his continued growth since graduating from the program. His decision to leave the US and return home to South Africa to begin the journey of taking over his family’s business is exemplary of the sort of visionary mindset we aim for all of our alums to adopt and maintain. Congrats, Bemboli!

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Organizational Updates

Fundraising Progress

  • During Q1, we received $25,000 from Experian through their United for Financial Health Programme, which provides targeted financial education through partnerships with NGOs around the world using financial education to empower diverse communities.
  • We are currently pursuing funding opportunities from a wide range of funders and welcome the opportunity to be connected to prospective donors and funders who are interested in learning more about our mission and impact.

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