Q4 2022

Awareness: Action-Oriented Economic Re-Education that Prioritizes the Black Experience

Generational Wealth Program

After successfully wrapping up the 2022 Consultrepreneurship, we went full swing into the Black Generational Wealth Program. In the month of October, we delivered Workshop I of the program: Black Disparity and How to Overcome It, to Black college students and recent graduates at D’Youville University in Buffalo, NY; GOODProjects in Washington, DC; Concordia College in Moorehead, MN; and the International Center of Excellence for Rural Finance and Entrepreneurship at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria.

By the end of the two-hour workshop, participants are equipped with the know-how and mindset to overcome the socioeconomic barriers that threaten their futures and build personal, generational and communal wealth through financial planning and community-minded business ownership.

To bring this workshop to your institution, submit the Black Generational Wealth Program Request Form now!

Prefer to read rather than participate in a workshop? Get a copy of our book: Understanding How to Build Black Generational Wealth: A Historically and Culturally Centered Self-Help Book, as seen in Investopedia.

Watch our recap video of the workshop in Nigeria.

Advancement: Activated & Hungry to Effect Change

Ambassador Program

In an effort to more effectively connect with our target audience, at times we leverage student ambassadors (AKA DIFFvelopment Black Economic Empowerment Ambassadors) to help us plan workshops at their schools and within their broader communities. This past fall we worked with six ambassadors, including Abubakar Sani Abdullahi, a Nigeria-based 2022 Consultrepreneurship alum. Abubakar shined as a star ambassador, getting nearly 60 Ahmadu Bello University students to participate in a well-planned virtual workshop, where students were able to interact with DIFFvelopment’s workshop facilitator without a hitch. 

As a Consultrepreneur, Abubakar started out unsure of his capacity to fulfill all aspects of the rigorous 10-week program. In the end, he went the extra mile to seek supplementary assistance and spend a tremendous amount of time doing the work necessary to be successful, enabling him to walk away from the program as a visible leader who is capable of actualizing any goal he envisions. As a result of this, we offered him the opportunity to be an ambassador for our Black Generational Wealth Program, and he accepted our offer. Not only did he outperform all of his peers in terms of obtaining the highest number of participants, but he also went above and beyond to ensure that the program evaluations that help us to ensure our programming is effective were submitted. Thanks to his initiative, we are in the process of rolling out a special Nigeria-based Black Generational Wealth Program through Abubakar’s leadership, fostering our goal to bring our programming to Black college students and recent graduates around the world.

Transformation: Developing Their World DIFFerently

At DIFFvelopment, we are serious about doing all that we can to ensure our theory of change is actualized in the lives of all of our beneficiaries. The concept of “theory of change” has many definitions, but can best be understood through one of the UN’s definitions that states, “A theory of change is a method that explains how a given intervention, or set of interventions, is expected to lead to specific development change, drawing on a causal analysis based on available evidence.” For nonprofits, it is important to track such change according to immediate, medium, and long-term impact. A summary of DIFFvelopment’s theory of change is as follows.

As you can see, by serving ambitious young Black people from around the world–with a focus on college students and recent graduates who aim to positively impact the Black community but lack the resources and support necessary to do so–we fulfill our mission of re-empowering the global Black community through re-education that empowers aspiring Black visionaries to develop their world DIFFerently.

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Organizational Updates

Fundraising Progress

  • In Q4, DIFFvelopment was blessed with support from Santander Bank ($10K) and RBC Foundation ($5K). While Santander funds will be used towards our Black Generational Wealth Program, RBC funds will be used towards our Consultrepreneurship. We are grateful for the opportunity to benefit from their charitable support and look forward to deepening our relationship with both banks to ensure continued programming in the future.

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